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Research Assistants
Thank you for expressing an interest in working at the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station.  The GMWSRS was founded in 1981 by Dr. David Gaskin.  Our mission is to promote conservation through research and education.  We accept applications for research assistants between 01 September and 15 March for positions the following year.  Decisions are usually made by the end of March.  The number of assistants we hire each year varies but is usually between 1-4 people.  You will be informed as soon as the selection process is complete.

Applications will be accepted internationally from senior high school and all university level students age 18 and older, although we have made exceptions in the case of specially qualified candidates.  Please include a complete resume or CV and two letters of recommendation with your application.  We are looking for bright, enthusiastic people with an interest in conservation.  Duties will vary but can range from working directly with wild porpoises and whales to assisting in specific scientific projects.  Working on the water comprises a major component of our activities, so any familiarity with boats and marine navigation is an asset (although it is not essential as training will be provided).  While at the GMWSRS you will live and work in close quarters with the other members of the Station so an ability to get along with others is very important.  Most of our research is conducted during the summer months, between mid-June and the end of September.  We prefer to hire assistants who can commit to working at the Station for the majority of this time period.  However, we do recognize limitations imposed by the timing of academic semesters at various universities and colleges.  

We offer a small stipend to all research assistants.   The GMWSRS covers all your room and board while at the Station and as well as a portion of your travel to and from Grand Manan. 

Gaskin Fellow
The Gaskin Fellowship was established in 1999 in honour of our founder, the late Dr. David Gaskin. While a professor at the University of Guelph, Dr Gaskin began studying the flora and fauna of the Bay of Fundy region in the late 1970ís, with an emphasis on birds and marine mammals.  He continued his interest in this region throughout the 80ís and 90ís until his untimely death in 1997. 

The Gaskin Fellowship provides a summer research opportunity to a local student.  The Gaskin Fellow will assist with as many Station projects as possible. The duration of the fellowship is flexible but usually lasts from late June until the end of August.   A stipend is provided at the end of the fellowship.  This fellowship program is open to Canadian students 16 years of age or over.  Preference will be given first to Grand Manan residents, and then secondarily to the local region, but all Canadian students are encouraged to apply.  Please send a complete resume or CV and two letters of reference before March 15th.  Successful applicants will be informed by the end of March.

Museum and Gift Shop Staff
We operate a small museum, the Gaskin Museum of Marine Life from June through early October. We try to employ staff (one full time and one part time) from late June through end of August / early September (corresponding to school terms) to greet visitors and act as an attendant for our gift shop associated with the Museum.  Early and late season times are staffed with volunteers and other staff.  It is essential to be able to deal with the public in a courteous manner, work on your own, and handle peaks and lulls that occur daily in the visitation rates.  You will also be responsible for daily sales, housekeeping and maintaining consistent opening and closing times.  Although being bilingual is not essential it is definitely an asset when dealing with French speaking visitors.

Generally staff are hired from Grand Manan, however, if you have accommodations on the island for the summer other applicants will be considered.  Please send a complete resume or CV and references by June 1st.

If you wish to volunteer for particularly early June, September and early October, this may be considered. An expression of interest, time period and desired amount of commitment, other volunteering or related experience and references should be forwarded at any time.

Please mail or email application materials to: 

Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station
#24 Route 776 
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E5G 1A1   Canada

Please indicate position for which you are applying 

Questions can be directed to or by phone to (506) 662-3804.


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