Table of Contents Dr. David Edward Gaskin, B.Sc., Ph.D., FRES (1939-1998) GMWSRS Executive Director 1981-98.  This bibliography represents the majority of his professional work in the field of Lepidoptera.  Dr. Gaskin throughout his life studied marine mammals during the day and moths at night.
Refereed Books, Scientific Papers, Chapters and Review Articles D.E. Gaskin and Co-workers: 1963-1998: Lepidoptera - Moths and Butterflies

Gaskin, D.E. 1998. Butterflies of the upper Frio-Sabinal region, central Texas, and distribution of fauna elements across the Edwards Plateau: (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea, Hesperloidea). J. Lepid. Soc. 52: 

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Book Reviews by Dr. Gaskin in Refereed Journals

Gaskin, D.E. 1993. Review of: "The Lepidoptera of Bermuda: Their food plants, biogeography, and means of dispersal". D.C. Ferguson, DJ. Hilburn and B. Wright 1991. Mem. Ent. Soc. Can. No.158, 105 pp. In: J. Lepid.Soc. 47:165-167.

Conference and Symposium Abstracts of Dr. Gaskin and Associates

Vincent, R. 1998. The noctuid moth fauna of the Fundy coast of New Brunswick. Northeastern Forest Pest Council Conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 12-13 March 1988.

Gaskin, D.E. 1997. Apparent impact of the 1995-1996 drought on butterfly populations in the Frio-Upper Sabinal region of southwest Texas. 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Lepidopterists' Society, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., USA, 9-13 July 1997.

Gaskin, D.E 1995. Adult behavior, movement and site fidelity of Nathalis iole Bdv. in southwest Texas. 46th Annual Meeting of the Lepidopterists' Society, Bell Museum of Natural History, 29 June- 2 July, 1995, University of Minnesota, MN, USA.

Gaskin, D.E. 1990. Butterfly conservation in southeastern Europe: Drought, agricultural changes and the future for Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. Toronto Entomological Association, McLaughlin Planetarium, Toronto, September 1990.

Gaskin, D.E. 1990. Problems of invertebrate fauna conservation in the context of agricultural policies of the European Economic Community. Invited address to the Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, April 1990.

Gaskin, D.E. and E.A. Littler. 1990. Lepidoptera (Papilionoidea and Hesperloidea) in the southern Peloponnisos, Greece, with preliminary comparisons of species diversity, and some comments on practical problems of conservation in the context of the E.U. agricultural policies for the next decades. Fifth International Congress on the Ecology and Zoogeography of Greece and Adjacent Regions, Iraklion, Crete, 16-21 April 1990.

Completed Graduate Theses supervised by Dr. Gaskin

Vincent, R. 1999. The noctuid moth fauna of the Fundy coast of New Brunswick. M.Sc. Thesis University of Guelph,

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