Publications by Scientific Staff and Collaborators of the Whale & Seabird Research Station, New Brunswick
The bibliographies on this web site include the majority of the professional work in the field of Biology of the late Dr. David E. Gaskin, our Executive Director 1981-98.  Dr. Gaskin pursued  throughout his life studying marine mammals during the day (presented first) and moths at night (presented second).  Please contact Dr. Andy Read for marine mammal reprints. Some reprints are no longer available, others are in short supply.

We have also included the work of our scientific staff and collaborators who have worked from the Research Station or with our scientific staff.  As we continue with our research, we will continually update these pages to reflect our work.

Marine - Marine Related (excluding seabirds)
Birds - Seabirds
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Annual  Newletters - "Whale & Seabird News"
Each year we produce a newsletter for our Friends.  It summarizes what we have been doing for the previous year.  The following are available:

1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009| 2010

Harbour Porpoise Release Newsletters
The Harbour porpoise Harbour Porpoise Release Program (HPRP) is a project of the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station. Mission Statement:To work co-operatively with herring weir operators to safely release trapped marine species. 
After each season, we produce a newsletter for those participating in the HPRP and others interested in the program.  A summary of harbour porpoise research is available for 1997 and 1998.  The following newsletters are available:

HPRP News 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003

Check out the National Geographic Online arcticle about harbour porpoises and our HPRP at

The Razorbill Newsletters
The Fundy Bird Observatory is a project of the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station.  Mission Statement: To perpetuate and preserve the ornithological significance of the Grand Manan Archipelago and Bay of Fundy region, by documenting the distribution and abundance of birds in the area.  Emphasis will be placed on studying bird migration, increasing public awareness of birds and their habitats, and promoting conservation of birds.
The following newsletters are available:

Razorbill 6.1
Razorbill 6.2

Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station Bulletins
This bulletin series was begun in 1997.  A few are available as PDF files.  To download the  Bulletin No. 3 or the Flashcard you must have Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have this program click on this "Get Acrobat Reader" icon to download it.

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  • GMWSRS Bulletin No. 1.  D.E. Gaskin. 1997.  Marine mammals of the Bay of Fundy with a reference summary of the conservation and protection status of marine mammals in all Canadian waters.  (Low numbers of printed copies available - to be revised and updated soon.)
  • GMWSRS No. 2.  D.E. Gaskin.  1998.  Publications by scientific staff and collaborators of the Whale & Seabird Research Station, New Brunswick. (The contents of GMWSRS No. 2 can be found in our publications pages above.)
  • GMWSRS No. 3. S. Wong, R. Ronconi and D. Johnston.  2001.  Guidelines for releasing harbour porpoises and other whales from herring weirs. (PDF - size 2270 KB)
    Releasing Porpoises from Herring Weirs: Flashcard  (PDF - size 879 KB)  (This accompanies the bulletin and was produced as a laminated card.)
  • GMWSRS No. 4.  R. A. Ronconi and S.N.P. Wong.  2002.  Seabird colonies of the Grand Manan archipelago: 2001 census results and guidelines for surveys and future monitoring. (Limited number of printed copies.)
  • GMWSRS No.5. L.D. Murison. 2003. North Atlantic Right Whales. A Resource for Teachers. (coming soon as a PDF)
  • GMWSRS No. 6. L.D. Murison. 2003. Information To Help You Watch Marine Mammals And Other Wildlife Around Grand Manan. (PDF - size 199 KB)
    Species Description. Supplemental Information. (PDF - size 195 KB)
  • GMWSRS No. 7. L.D. Murison. 2010. Right Whale Stewards. (This is a booklet outlining the program of becoming a Right Whale Steward) (PDF - size 1,341 KB)

Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station Natural History Notes
This note series was begun in 2003.

GMWSRS Natural History Notes No. 1.  L.D. Murison.  2003.  Right whales in the Bay of Fundy. Calves About! Watch Out! The Bay of Fundy is a nursery area for North Atlantic right whales.  (Printed copies are available and the material is also found in watching right whales) (PDF - size 385 KB)

GMWSRS Natural History Notes No. 2.  GMWSRS Natural History Notes No. 2. L.D. Murison. 2008. North Atlantic Right Whales and Fishing. Entanglements and Entrapments. (PDF - size 1455 KB)

Additional Pamphlets and Other Documentation

  • Bay of Fundy Marine Life. Identification Sheet (PDF - size 588 KB)
  • Bay of Fundy Marine Life. Trip Record Pamphlet for Whale Watching (4-fold brochure). (PDF - size 1,180 KB)
  • Fundy Mammals - Trip Record (2-sided card) (PDF - size KB)
  • Code of Ethics for Water-Base Tour Operators (PDF - size 38 KB)
  • Voluntary Code of Conduct for Fishermen Working Near Whales. (PDF - size 236 KB)
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